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Subject: Re: Unknow symbol in status bar
From: Michael T. Kupietz, wearing a pointy hat (
Date: 2004-09-24

You're not gonna believe this, I figured it out: When the "back" or
"Forward" buttons are held down continuously, their little icons appear in
the status bar. Duh!


At 1:40 PM -0700 9/23/04, Michael T. Kupietz, wearing a pointy hat wrote:
>My Archos did something today that I don't think I've seen before. I had it
>in my pocket playing, and when I pulled it out I hit some button that made
>it stop playing. Usually that means I accitdentally hit the "play" button
>and it's paused playback, so I see the "pause" symbol in the status bar at
>top, in place of the solid block that indicates it's playing. But this
>time, there were two left-pointing triangles, exactly like the icon on the
>button to the left of the Play button ("previous"/"back" button.) I started
>it playing again, and then was unable to make it display this little icon
>Anyone have any idea what I hit/what it was doing?

The great thing is, over the internet, nobody knows I'm a dog.

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