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Subject: Re: Button filter
From: Christian Marg (
Date: 2004-09-26


Linus Nielsen Feltzing wrote:
> christian Marg wrote:
[having to navigate a sub-menu in a weird way]
>> Looks like a Bug to me...
> That is not related to the button filter,
Thats what I thought, too, after experimenting with it...

> but merely an effect of the logic used to handle the Play key in the
> menu code. It uses the key release to trigger the selection.
> Is this a problem for you?

Using the Key release to trigger the selection isn't the problem. It's
just the wrong (the "enter menu") key release that triggers the selection.

> We couldn't imagine that any user would keep holding the play key in
> that menu.

Me neither, it was only for experimentation. And it currently is (at
least here) the only way to use the Menu at all. If I press On+Play and
release both, the first Item in the Menu (Remove) is activated immediately.

> How would you want it to work? Do you want to release the play key
> and have to push it again to select?

Yes, I thought that was some kind of standard behaviour: Press and
release on+play buttons to enter the menu, select item with up and down
buttons, activate item and leave menu by pressing and releasing play
As opposed to how it works now:
Press on+play, only release on button, select item with up and down
buttons while keeping the play button pressed and release the play
button to activate the item. It's prone to breaking peoples fingers or
something ;)

You should be able to recreate the problem I have by:
- Play a Playlist
- Menu (F1)-> Playlist Options -> View Current Playlist -> On+Play



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