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Subject: Re: rockbox voices
Date: 2004-09-29

Yeah - you know, text-to-speech is a really, really hard problem. I mean,
really hard. How should the rockbox pronounce the word "wind" for
example? (wind, like the breeze, or wind, like what you do to an
clockwork clock when it has stopped). There's lots of ways to do
text-to-speech but I don't think it's realistic to port any of these to

> Hi,
> once I heard a demo from IBM, I think it's the ViaVoice technology. They
> found a method to split all english words into about 40-50 pieces iirc. So
> if you speak these pieces, you can pronounce all words. Now if only the
> word-to-wordpiece engine could be ported to rockbox...
> Ronald
> On Wed, 29 Sep 2004 16:54:08 +0200, Marc Tricou <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> i have also a suggestion for the voices. I'm using my box mostly in my
>> car.
>> So during driving this feature is extreme helpful. But the voices
>> pronounce
>> every character as it is spoken in the alphabet (a = "ey", b = "bee"
>> etc.) ,
>> not like it es sounding when spoken. Britney sounds like "bee, arr, ai,
>> tee,
>> en, ih, why".
>> During driving i can't contentrate on understanding this. How about a
>> voice
>> file that really speaks the characters? "bh, rr, i, t, nn, eeh, ih".
>> Ok,
>> some characters have to be a thing between their different appearances
>> (c=
>> "see" or "kh") but i think even then it's much more understandable, what
>> do
>> you think?
>> If I have time in two months i will perhaps work me into producing such
>> a
>> voice file...
>> bye,
>> Marc
>> _______________________________________________
> --
> Groeten,
> Ronald Teune
> = 1/2 *
> _______________________________________________


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