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Subject: Re: Ondio question
From: Bob Allsopp (
Date: 2004-10-01

"[IDC]Dragon" <> wrote in message

>the Ondio has an internal 128MB memory, which is basically an MMC card on a
>chip, firmly mounted. The control can be switched to an external MMC in a
>slot. SD cards are thicker and don't fit into the slot, although the logic
>which drives the card should be capable of SD as well.

>Archos uses these memories mutually exclusive. If an MMC is plugged, you
>don't see the internal any more. For USB operation, it certainly has to be
>like this, because the USB<->MMC bridge chip can only talk to one card.

>For Rockbox, it is imaginable to switch at runtime as desired, using the
>memories like 2 drives. But this is a new concept, so far only one HD was
>supported, don't hold your breath for that.

Does this mean that potentially I could use 2 x 120gig 3.5" drives in my
Rockbox Home Stereo. Wow!

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