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Subject: recover lost recording file
From: devtrick (
Date: 2004-10-07

hi all,

got a huge problem. for my diploma i actualy did some
interviews and recorded them on my ajb recorder v1.
but today i was a bit fast and pressed the stop/off
button too long. the unit was shuting down instantly
and now there's no record file.

as described here i was trying a "scandisk" without
any result. now i'm trying to use "easy recovery" to
find the temporary stream file - but i don't know
where to search.

can anybody tell me, where the record-information
during the record-process is stored - in the path
"recordings" (set in options) or in the root
directory? Which name has it - has it any name?

I use the daily-build from 05/30/2004 (hope there's no
bug, but was working fine till now).

For the case that i don't find any matching file - is
there any posibility to recover that? excerpt the
scandisk i did (and will do) nothing, so the temporary
record should still be there - or?

plz help


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