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Subject: Re: new voice UI feature: file name clips

Re: new voice UI feature: file name clips

From: Brian Wolven <>
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 13:19:34 -0400

[IDC]Dragon wrote:
> Hello,
> it quickly sank down in all the cvs traffic we have with iriver
> preparations, so I better post it:
> The voice option for file names has a new option. This is patch #978765 by
> Carsten Tschach. Like with directories, you can now accompany any file with
> a little mp3 clip file containing the spoken filename (or, whatever sound
> helps you, it could be a sample as well). This extra file has the same name,
> but extended with ".talk", so e.g. "myfile.mp3" would get a
> "" next to it.
> It's up to you how many and what kind of files you'd like to "comment" with
> such clip files, it sure clutters the disk if done for all. But it's a
> simple approach, lightweight on Rockbox and easy to understand (I hope).

This will be nice for navigating my playlists while driving; currently I have
them moved into individual subfolders to obtain the voicing. I can't see ever
using it for music files, but some of our Blind friends may want that option,
and perhaps the audio book listeners who listen while driving.

> We now need a script to generate such files... (Brian?)

I'll update the script ASAP. It may be best to make separate versions so that
nobody "accidentally" makes clips for all their songs. I can imagine that taking
a *looooong* time.

As far as the script is concerned, have you found a certain set of parameters
for the SAPI voices and LAME that generates better sounding clips than others? I
know that some of the versions that were tried (in order to keep things
compatible with the digital output, for instance) made clips that sounded very
"scratchy", as if there were a lot of high frequency noise.

> While at it, I have removed the "on enter" directory clip option. Nobody
> seems to use it. Voice settings for files and directories are now identical.

Sounds fine. I never used "on enter" personally.

> The file voicing produces a lot of disk activity, when enabled. For every
> file you stop at, it goes and looks if there is a .talk clip. In the future,
> this may get cached, so you only get spinups for the clips that exist.

Would it be easier to implement a per-directory setting for this, i.e., only
look for file voice clips in directories that are flagged to permit this? Or
would checking for the presence of such a flag generate almost as much activity?
I'd only use it on a very limited basis, but I suppose I could just toggle it on
and off with config files, as needed.

> One last thing: With today's build, the config block has changed once more,
> so you need to play your favourite config file again.

Ahh - I'd probably want to voice files in the folder where I store configs, too.

Received on 2004-10-07

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