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Subject: Re: new voice UI feature: file name clips
From: Brian Wolven (
Date: 2004-10-10

[IDC]Dragon wrote:
> Hello,
> it quickly sank down in all the cvs traffic we have with iriver
> preparations, so I better post it:
> The voice option for file names has a new option. This is patch #978765 by
> Carsten Tschach. Like with directories, you can now accompany any file with
> a little mp3 clip file containing the spoken filename (or, whatever sound
> helps you, it could be a sample as well). This extra file has the same name,
> but extended with ".talk", so e.g. "myfile.mp3" would get a
> "" next to it.
> It's up to you how many and what kind of files you'd like to "comment" with
> such clip files, it sure clutters the disk if done for all. But it's a
> simple approach, lightweight on Rockbox and easy to understand (I hope).
> We now need a script to generate such files... (Brian?)

A beta version of a windows script (requires SAPI5) that voices files
and/or folders (depending on how you configure it) can be grabbed here:

I can't guarantee this will work for everyone yet. I'd appreciate
feedback from anyone who tries it; you may want to keep the logfiles and
send them to me if you get errors, or post them here if they are short
enough. I would recommend running it on only a few files or folders at
the start - folders are processed recursively, so don't run it on the
root of your drive as a "test"! Pick a single album or artist, or just
run it on playlists and config files, as I've done. It works fine for
me, but Jörg got some errors that I *think* I've resolved now (I guess
he must sleep sometimes - go figure). A few more data points would be

Oh - and verizon webspace can be flaky, so if the URL doesn't work,
please just try again later.

Bonne chance and all that...


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