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Subject: Re: recover lost recording file
From: Linus Nielsen Feltzing (
Date: 2004-10-11

devtrick wrote:

> Was this bug in fsync() during that time around
> may/june?

Which bug? Did I mention a bug in fsync()? I can't remember having a bug
in fsync().

> Actually i'm really asking myself, if i was too stupid
> to start the recording (again - i'm really sure i
> did), was there a bug in the old firmware, or ist
> the recording still on the hdd as happend to GVB with
> his old firmware.

The file is created when you start the recording, and is kept up to date
at all times. This behaviour has been there since 2.0, I believe.

> If i hadn't start the recording the unit would have
> been turned off after 10 minutes.
> Maybe this don't happen when a bug occurs and the
> firmware freezes somehow?

True. But then it would have said PANIC on the LCD.

> At the other hand I scanned all clusters for the
> "Rockbox" string in the recording-header and found
> only some old recordings. Other attempts to find an
> Rockbox-Mp3 header in the unused clusters did fail,
> means found only one recording i deleted the day
> before. Is the header written during finalizing of the
> file or before recording starts?

It is written when you stop the recording, since the time and length
information isn't available until then.



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