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Subject: Re: ID3 database browsing
From: Neon John (
Date: 2004-10-14

On Thu, 14 Oct 2004 19:02:23 +0100 (BST), wrote:

>> On Wed, 13 Oct 2004 09:56:01 +0200, Linus Nielsen Feltzing <>
>> wrote:
>>>I really want an ID3 database in Rockbox, but we need to find a decent
>>>solution that doesn't slow down the browser too much, eat up all RAM, or
>>>drain the batteries due to extensive disk access.
>> I guess I don't understand the need for this. Assuming a well organized
>> file hierarchy, what additional info would an ID3 browser bring to the
>> table?
>> With >8000 files on my 80 gig machine I've never felt the need for
>> anything more than the simple file browser. What am I missing?
>With a well-organised file hierarchy, how do you find a single song, by
>song title, if you can't remember the name of the artist, or the album, on
>which it is on?
>Or how can you browse to find a song that you know was released in 2002,
>but you can't remember the title

I've never had any problems along those lines. I know my collection quite
well so maybe that's a factor.

>> I think a line should be drawn in the sand against any dependence on a
>> host computer. The archos should be able to do any database manipulation
>> without being tethered to a computer. Requiring a desktop-based
>> application would put Rockbox down in the same class with the neuros, ipod
>> and all the other crappy tethered players. I have no problem with there
>> being a PC application that duplicates what the archos does, only faster.
>I disagree. For example, the archos player needs to be connected to a
>host PC (to get new tracks copied onto it ...).

Change that to "any host PC" and re-evaluate.

>So we're never going to
>be decoupled from all host computer interaction. If one extra step takes
>twenty seconds on the host PC (vs. an hour and 50% of the battery if the
>Rockbox was doing it itself) then I think we should recommend the former.

We're decoupled now. I can move files to/from literally any machine that
has the necessary USB drivers.

Consider my vacation last summer. I got stuck for 6 days far away from
home with a blown transmission in my motorhome. I ran out of audio books
to listen to. I went to my friend's house where I was visiting, connected
my JBR to his computer, ftp'd into my file server and got a number of
additional books. I quickly file managered them over to the Archos. Had
I been tethered to some sort of PC software I'd have been screwed since he
(correctly, I think) didn't want any foreign software loaded on his box.

As for time and battery, I can't see any problem with letting a machine
sit overnight connected to the charger indexing away. Not something you'd
do every day. With the appropriate aftermarket wall wart (I use the Rat
shack 1 amp switchmode unit), the batteries are NOT drained by continuous
drive activity. I've done this often enough to know.

I think it's a great idea to have a PC-based utility that does the job
faster. I just don't want to see RockBox lose its autonomy. To me that
is a MAJOR feature.

Realize that even with a PC-based indexing utility, one is still going to
have the JBR's hard drive running most of the time since it will have to
work against the JBR's file system. I doubt that many people keep an
exact backup of their jukeboxes on their PCs. I certainly don't. I keep
complete albums on my PC. I tend to eliminate songs I don't like and,
particularly for one-hit-wonders, and glom all the songs I do like in the
band's directory.

Seems to me that a simple file manager-like file name search feature would
do most of what is desired, probably more than enough. I WOULD like to be
able to search for a particular file, especially in my non-audio portion
of my drive. An index system would make it faster but I'm not sure it's
worth the overhead.


John De Armond
Cleveland, Occupied TN

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