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Subject: Re: AJBR v2 Battery Problem/Archos
From: Brian Wolven (
Date: 2004-10-19

K Sundberg wrote:
> FYI - after months of not displaying its charging activity properly, my unit
> refused to charge at all. I had flashed RockBox on it and as a result
> couldn't remove it before sending to to Archos for repair - big mistake,
> since Archos voided the warranty. I was also told that RockBox can damage
> batteries, which I doubt. Any comments?

I've been charging with flashed rockbox ever since it became available, and I
think many others have, too. My batteries are still fine. If anything, I think
the rockbox charging is a bit more conservative than the Archos version, at
least on those units where it isn't totally hardware controlled (FM's and V2, I
beleive?). I think Archos is just eager to grab any excuse they can to avoid
having to support you here. Not a big surprise.


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