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Subject: Bug with MPEG2.5 playback
From: Jens Arnold (
Date: 2004-10-24


while making new voice files, I found that rockbox has a bug
with playing back MPEG2.5 layer 3 files (sample frequencies 12/
11.025/ 8 kHz), at least if they are VBR (I did not try CBR or
layer 2 yet). The playback is not continuous with these files.

I verified that this is not a bug of the voice UI only by
encoding a music track with all possible sample frequencies.
It happens independently of the MAS type (tried with a Studio
10, my upgraded Recorder 20, and an Ondio SP).

For now, I resorted to using the lowest MPEG2 sample frequency
(16 kHz) for the voice files, however, this requires high
compression, so there are some audible glitches.

As I have no idea what's going on here, but it may be a
show-stopper for the 2.3 release, I report it here.

Regards, Jens


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