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Subject: RE: HD error? Disk not reading properly...
From: Svante Tidholm (
Date: 2004-10-25

Thanks for sharing your experience,
it sure sounds like a physical damage to me when I listen to my HD.
Unfortunately, its my upgraded 40 GB disk, two years old.
Well, worst case, I guess I have to leave some MP3's behind and put
my old 20 GB back in.


>Yes I recognise it. It could be two things: if you are lucky it is just a
>power issue, make sure you have fully charged good condition batteries
>otherwise you could get this problem.
>If you are unlucky, the other reason for it is that the disk is physiaclly
>damaged, I had this problem on a disk which accidentally got leaned on when
>it was spinning (right where the label on the disk says not to apply any
>pressure). It must have damaged the disk surface. The disk still worked,
>but whenever it encountered the damaged part (about once every 2 seconds) it
>would 'clunk' the heads back and try again. It took about 10 minutes to
>load windows. Scandisk (which I left running overnight) found no errors on
>it! Luckily for me, it happened when I was upgrading to a new disk in my
>laptop anyway.


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