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Subject: ROMbox and general flashing (was Re: Welcome back...)

ROMbox and general flashing (was Re: Welcome back...)

From: [IDC]Dragon <>
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 14:44:02 +0100 (MET)

> Have a question. I have a Recorder-20, and I just downloaded Rockbox 2.3
> for
> it. I just programmed the flash (clicking on rockbox.flash yields
> "Incompatible version", you have to click on the ucl file.

You have to click on ajbrec.ajz first, to have the same version of Rockbox
like the pluging running.

> Currently, the <F1> slot in memory is running 2.2, and the default slot
> has 2.3.

I don't think so. Then you'd have a very special flash image, which I
haven't distributed. Holding F1 starts the original Archos firmware, which
in turn may load whatever ajbrec.ajz file in the root. Perhaps you have
Rockbox 2.2 sitting there?

> If, after I test it out, is it possible to load 2.3 in the <F1> slot
> as well?

Not recommended nor supported. F1 should be your emergency firmware, default
(or F2) boot is whatever firmware you'd like to run for every day useage
(probably Rockbox 2.3).

> I remember reading when I first flashed that loading the <F1> slot
> was a one-time-only operation.

Yes, this is why you leave the Archos firmware there and update only the
second part.

> Also, what exactly is rombox? I read the page on, but can't
> quite
> get my brain around what it is and how it interacts with the normal
> flashing procedure.

The "normal" software in flash gets copied to the DRAM prior to execution.
(Rockbox as well as Archos.) That means, it occupies a part of that. With
ROMbox, the software is compiled to run directly from the flash memory, no
copying, which frees that part of DRAM. So you have a 10% larger playback
buffer, less frequent disk spinups, some battery savings.

The flash procedure is pretty much the same, ROMbox is a .ucl file like
The only difference is that we can't reprogram the flash while running code
from it. So prior to reflashing, you need to "RoLo" the normal Rockbox .ajz
file, to run from RAM again. This is recommended anyway, as a basic test of
the Rockbox version you're about to program, and to be consistent with the
possibly also updated plugins again.


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Received on 2004-11-01

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