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Subject: Re: Running from external supply (round 2)
From: Richard Klein (
Date: 2004-11-02

VanBaren, Gerald (AGRE) wrote:
>>-----Original Message-----
>>[] On Behalf Of Richard Klein
>>Just my guess, but they probably say that so they won't be
>>liable for damages if someone plugs in their Jukebox, which
>>will then attempt to recharge the alkalines, possibly causing
>>them to leak acid or explode.
>>-- Rich
> New alkalines can run 1.7v which would result in a power rail of 6.8v.
> The electronics are (generally) rated at 5.0v +/- 10% or 20%. The
> result is that the batteries are stressing the electronics (the chips
> will draw excess current) until the electronics can drag the battery
> voltage down to a more comfortable level (somewhere below 6v).
> Sometimes the electronics lose the fight and the smoke escapes. The
> smoke isn't a big deal, but that is an indication that the genie escaped
> too, and now there is nobody to run the box for you :-(.
> gvb

We're talking about AA-sized cells, right? NiMH's are nominally 1.2v and
alkalines are nominally 1.5v, if I recall correctly. I hadn't thought about
that, but I wouldn't have thought it'd make much difference even if I had
thought about it. Thanks for making that point!

-- Rich


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