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Subject: Re: Think flashing with rockbox killed my unit
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2004-11-07

> I've no sight what soever so how do I,
> "play that .ucl file)."?

Hmm, tricky indeed.

> The voice menu option under general isn't appearing even though the
> english.voice file is in the langs dir.

How do you know it's not there?
If it isn't, you're probably running version 2.2 from flash or such.
Try updating all the files to 2.3 (you probably have), then restart the box
while holding F1. It should boot 2.3, with voice UI on by default. Then you
can enable viewing all files, spelling them, walk into the ".rockbox"
directory and play "rockbox.ucl".
Will that do?


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