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Subject: Re: Drive Letter being included when generating files

Re: Drive Letter being included when generating files

From: Brian Wolven <>
Date: 2004-11-09

Dj paddy wrote:
> Hi Brian.
> Cheers.
> It's still doing it. I've set filenaming to False for this test.
> It only pronounces JBooks
> Not JBooks John Grishim. Or J John Grishim.
> Which is the same the other file did. The log file contents are below.
> Encoding application: C:\Program Files\Lame\lame.exe
> Folder: j:Books voiced
> -->Speaking j:Books
> -->Encoding j:Books\_dirname.wav
> -->Storing j:Books\
> "C:\Program Files\Lame\lame.exe" -m m -b 24 -S "j:Books\_dirname.wav"
> "j:Books\"
> -->Deleting file j:Books\_dirname.wav
> Folder: J:\Books\John Grishim voiced
> -->Speaking John Grishim

Ah, I think I get it now. You're using the command line interface or typing
j:books at the prompt, correct? The script assumes that paths are specified in
this format:


so that there is always a backslash before the name of the folder. The backslash
is always there if you drag and drop, but apparently it accepts a typed path
without the "\" and processes it just fine - except that it doesn't know where
in the path to truncate things to get just that last part of the folder name -
the part that is actually spoken. I can fix the script to check for an entry
like this, but in the meantime just type the path like so


and it should work just fine.

Received on Tue Nov 9 03:02:24 2004

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