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Subject: RE: canabilized my V2 to get the laptop back up.
From: Stuart Tedford (
Date: 2004-11-09

> 1) Where is the cheapest place to look for a 60, 80 or 100gb HD?
the internet.
> 2) What brands do you prefer?
Fujitsu or Hitachi. In my experience toshiba drives don't suit the JB
becasue they don't keep their power management settings over resets, the
others do. Hiatchi also provide a tool to change these settings which is
good if you have a hitachi disk.

> 3) How do I format my new disk on my V2? I have a desktop
> with XP? Should I just take the HD out of the laptop and
> fdisk the hd in there?
Xp can only do half the job for you, but since you have already used fdisk
on your laptop, the easiest way will be to put the new drive in your laptop
and use fdisk to create a single primary partition taking up 100 percent of
the disk.

> 4) Under fdisk, what do I want? One dos partition etc. I
> really still dont understand the patitioning stuff.
a single primary partition taking up 100 percent of the disk.

Once you have created the partition you need to format it as FAT32. This
will be done automatically for you using the DOS format command - probably
available in the bootdisk you use to run fdisk - just format the partition
you created in step 4. Then it is ready for installing in the JB.


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