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Subject: How easy to swap Hard drives on iRiver?

How easy to swap Hard drives on iRiver?

From: Mat Holton <>
Date: 2004-12-02

Hello all!

I am currently thinking about getting an iRiver as my brother is selling one (hopefully at a reasnable price!)
The thing I want to know is how easy is it to replace the 20G Hd on an iRiver with a much larger one.
My Archos has 20G but I need about 40. I don't want to swap the Archos unit, as it's a pretty major operation (desoldering
main board) and it's been working very nicely for a year (my previous 2 boxes broke, so i don't want to mess with this one!)

So, if it's easy I will get this iRiver and stick a massive Hard drive in!

Any ideas? Anyone?



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Surface Inspection Ltd
Received on Thu Dec 2 14:47:51 2004

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