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Subject: Re: MBR/Flash problems = dead V2?

Re: MBR/Flash problems = dead V2?

From: Joseph Jones <>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 01:41:21 +0000

So, you didn't successfully flash recently?

If you hold F1 when you start it up, it should load any ajbrec.ajz in
the root directory. So you should be able to load Rockbox by doing
that. Then just "play" either rombox.ucl or rockbox.ucl. Don't know
about updating the bootloader.


On Mon, 6 Dec 2004 18:17:11 -0700, Spam Account <> wrote:
> I have a rockbox/flash/MBR-related problem with my JBR V2 P/N 400028
> I bought this JBR back in March 04, loaded Rockbox and flashed it.
> All was well until I read the article "How to boot from a USB device"
> at This
> entailed using "Bart's MKBT" tool to copy a dos bootsector to the JBR.
> I thought this would allow me to use it as a bootable USB drive.
> Anyway, this didn't turn out as planned - I was still able to use the
> JBR to play mp3s standalone, but the device was no longer recognised
> by XP. I also started getting the playlist not found errors.
> I figured the MBR was corrupt and decided to wipe the MBR using
> DISKPART. After that, reformatted and copied the rockbox 2.3 files
> over again.
> On first boot decided to do a re-flash. The "RomBox" sounded good so
> I "played" the rombox.ucl file. However, I got the error that my
> bootloader was the wrong version. I searched for this error on the
> mailing list and saw a post suggesting the latest version of the flash
> files from
> I downloaded this file to my PC.
> Meanwhile, I restarted the JBR and all I get is a blank screen (both
> the green and red lights are on). I held down the power button for
> 10 seconds to turn the JBR off. Then I hit F1 and On at the same
> time. This loads the Archos 1.40a firmware and the first thing the
> device does is check for free space on the hard drive. I have no idea
> where Rockbox has gone. I used the "File Utility" to "Diagnose." It
> returns "Hard Disk OK" but after I click the "back" button I get a
> "File system error - No valid FAT16/32 file system found."
> I then repeated the F1-On (only way to avoid the blank screen at this
> point) and connected to my PC via USB. The JBR doesn't appear in
> Windows Explorer. It does appear in Disk Management though - as "not
> initialised" and "unallocated." I repeated the DISKPART delete,
> create, etc and set the partition to active. XP then sees the JBR and
> I then reloaded the updated flash files (in root) and extracted
> everything from the rockbox 2.3 archive to the JBR. I can see all
> these files on the JBR (E: drive) now. I then disconnect the JBR and
> restart it. I still get the blank screen.
> I'm really at a loss at what to do next. Does anyone have any
> suggestions? I don't know if there's still something lurking in the
> MBR/bootsector messing things up, or if I've screwed up the ROM - or
> both. Help - please!
> _______________________________________________
Received on 2004-12-07

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