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Subject: Re: MBR/Flash problems = dead V2?

Re: MBR/Flash problems = dead V2?

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 02:14:56 +0000

It's long winded - but if all else fails, there is an undocumented command
line switch for FDISK namely "FDISK /MBR" ...this corrects the MBR on drive
0 ...which would mean hooking your jukebox drive up to your PC as the
primary-master and booting from floppy/cd to execute the command.

There are any number of other utils to do the job - but there's nothing
like knowing you did it with the official bit of software!?

That all said, I do NOT get the feeling that this is your problem ...Joe's
advice seems good to me :)


At 01:41 07/12/2004, you wrote:
>So, you didn't successfully flash recently?
>If you hold F1 when you start it up, it should load any ajbrec.ajz in
>the root directory. So you should be able to load Rockbox by doing
>that. Then just "play" either rombox.ucl or rockbox.ucl. Don't know
>about updating the bootloader.
>On Mon, 6 Dec 2004 18:17:11 -0700, Spam Account <> wrote:
> > I have a rockbox/flash/MBR-related problem with my JBR V2 P/N 400028
> >
> > I bought this JBR back in March 04, loaded Rockbox and flashed it.
> > All was well until I read the article "How to boot from a USB device"
> > at This
> > entailed using "Bart's MKBT" tool to copy a dos bootsector to the JBR.
> > I thought this would allow me to use it as a bootable USB drive.
> > Anyway, this didn't turn out as planned - I was still able to use the
> > JBR to play mp3s standalone, but the device was no longer recognised
> > by XP. I also started getting the playlist not found errors.
> >
> > I figured the MBR was corrupt and decided to wipe the MBR using
> > DISKPART. After that, reformatted and copied the rockbox 2.3 files
> > over again.
> >
> > On first boot decided to do a re-flash. The "RomBox" sounded good so
> > I "played" the rombox.ucl file. However, I got the error that my
> > bootloader was the wrong version. I searched for this error on the
> > mailing list and saw a post suggesting the latest version of the flash
> > files from
> > I downloaded this file to my PC.
> >
> > Meanwhile, I restarted the JBR and all I get is a blank screen (both
> > the green and red lights are on). I held down the power button for
> > 10 seconds to turn the JBR off. Then I hit F1 and On at the same
> > time. This loads the Archos 1.40a firmware and the first thing the
> > device does is check for free space on the hard drive. I have no idea
> > where Rockbox has gone. I used the "File Utility" to "Diagnose." It
> > returns "Hard Disk OK" but after I click the "back" button I get a
> > "File system error - No valid FAT16/32 file system found."
> >
> > I then repeated the F1-On (only way to avoid the blank screen at this
> > point) and connected to my PC via USB. The JBR doesn't appear in
> > Windows Explorer. It does appear in Disk Management though - as "not
> > initialised" and "unallocated." I repeated the DISKPART delete,
> > create, etc and set the partition to active. XP then sees the JBR and
> > I then reloaded the updated flash files (in root) and extracted
> > everything from the rockbox 2.3 archive to the JBR. I can see all
> > these files on the JBR (E: drive) now. I then disconnect the JBR and
> > restart it. I still get the blank screen.
> >
> > I'm really at a loss at what to do next. Does anyone have any
> > suggestions? I don't know if there's still something lurking in the
> > MBR/bootsector messing things up, or if I've screwed up the ROM - or
> > both. Help - please!
> > _______________________________________________
> >
> >

Received on 2004-12-07

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