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Subject: Re: 2.3 Manual - draft available

Re: 2.3 Manual - draft available

From: Jens Arnold <>
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2004 09:16:10 +0100

Hello Christi

> couple of days, so please let me know of any mistakes you can
> spot ASAP.

Here's the next bunch of manual corrections, after cluttering
yesterday's irc log with the first part ;) :

(1) p.53, VU meter: The VU meter does have logarithmic scale, 2
    modes and some other options for quite a while now
(2) p.54, JPEG viewer: .jpeg is not a registered extension, only
    .jpg is. You can only view .jpeg files if "Show files" is
    set to "all" and then using "Open with..."
(3) p.55, Viewer: The settings are _not_ remembered until you
    power down the box. This part of the description is clearly
    a leftover from rockbox 2.0, when there were no plugins, and
    the viewer was internal. Settings are (currently) lost when
    you leave the viewer.
(4) p.58, Chessclock: This is not player only, it's available
    for all models.
(5) p.60, Metronome: This is not recorder only, it never was
(6) p.63, Split editor: The introduction to the manual says that
    the Ondio is not yet covered. The split editor description
    however references it (button assignments).
(7) p.64, Stop watch: The button assigment is (of course)
    different for player & recorder
(8) p.70, Settings file format: The "scroll speed" setting is
    now logarithmic, with a value of 0..15 and no unit
(9) p.71, Settings file format: The valid values for both "talk
    dir" and "talk file" are: off, number, spell, hover
(10) p.71, Settings file format: "auto volume" has an additional
     setting "20ms"
(11) p.73, Description of model differences: There are also V1
     recorders with black bumpers. Bumper colour is not suited
     for telling which jukebox model you have.
     Probably the best solution would be to reference the photos
(12) p.74, Fonts & languages: There are 24 languages and 41
     fonts in the 2.3 release
(13) p.78, RomBox: It should be noted that it is _required_ to
     RoLo into the new .ajz if you currently have RomBox
     flashed, while it is merely recommended when using ordinary
     flashed rockbox. The reason is that you cannot program the
     ROM if rockbox is currently running from it, othwerwise it
     would crash.
(14) p.80, feature comparison chart: This one is way outdated,
     compared to the one on the rockbox site
(15) p.83, recorder specific changes since 2.3: The first item
     should not have a bullet before the second line
     ("...undisturbed use of...")
(16) p.87, credits: Jacob Erlbeck did not yet contribute to the
     2.3 release (dunno if that's important)

Regards, Jens

Received on 2004-12-08

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