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Subject: new blind user here with lots of questions

new blind user here with lots of questions

From: Sarai D. Bucciarelli <>
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 09:38:19 -0600

Hey guys:
My name is Sarai. and I'm a blind user with questions. First of all, to the
person who made the FAQ for blind people, Thank You!!! I'm not way advanced
in computers, but I was able to unzip and download the software to my player
w/o a problem! I have the Archos recorder w/o the radio. Okay, now to my
1. The text file of the manual is written pretty descriptively, but I can't
navigate to different sections. Is there a search string I can put in to
find things? Can you guys mark page numbers, create hyper links from the
table of contents, or something?
2. What exactly is flashing the Rock Box, what are advantages and
3. How do I tell the status of my battery and the time?
4. In the manual it says something about a safe way to shut down the player,
something different then turning it off, I still don't understand how to do
it, can some one explain?
5. Under the rock box menu, there is a choice for version, but when I hit
enter on it, nothing happens, what am I doing wrong?
6. What do the other f keys do? I push them and nothing happens.
7. How do I create and edit play lists? When I click on creating a play
list, nothing happens? Can I use winamp to create them? Can I add or remove
songs from play lists? I now have music in folders, should I put them in
play lists instead? Will play lists save more space on the player?
8. Some times the speech won't read all of the word in the menus, is this a
bug? Can I make the speech read faster? Can you guys make it read
songs/directories w/o spelling everything out, have it read like the menus,
by words?
9. How can I get the info on screen to read when the song is playing?
10. I can't get anything to read when charging the player. What do I do?
11. According to the FAQ, Archos won't support wma files, but if I buy them
from these web sites, can I use CDEX to convert them to MP3's?
12. Can Archos support books from Audible?
13. Can I delete the other langs b/s English, and the fonts and games from
Rockbox? If not, do they waist space on the player?
14. Kurzweil is an OCR program that is for blind users, you can create MP3's
from books, will these play on the player?
15. You guys keep coming out wiht a daily build, do I have to download these
every day? If so, do I have to delete files b/f hand, or will the files just
be replaced?
16. I just downloaded the daily build and not V 2.3, is that okay? It seems
to work fine, but not sure if I'm right?
16. Archos is coming out with a new 20 GB player, I can't remember the name,
but the unit is smaller, is it accessible? Are you guys making rock box for
17. The rock box players that can store photos and movies, I can see some
and would love one of these players, will Rock box ever be made for them?
18. The manual touched on a car adapter, is this a charger? If so, where
does it plug in, how much is it, and where can I get it?
19. Is there an adapter I can buy to play the music through the car stereo?
If so, does it drain the battery? Where does it plug in and where can I buy
Again, thank you for this awesome software. I was using the player w/o the
Rockbox cause I could never get it downloaded till now. Even though I could
play music, which is what I wanted, its really nice to be able to have
access to the entire player. I just found the sleep timer and once I get my
battery question answered, will know when the pattery is dying.

Received on 2004-12-16

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