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Subject: Re: new blind user here with lots of questions

Re: new blind user here with lots of questions

From: vincent <>
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 13:23:45 -0500

Andreas thanks, I had questions on playlist operation that I never got to
ask. Good job.
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From: "Andreas Stemmer" <>
To: "Rockbox development" <>
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2004 12:44 PM
Subject: Re: new blind user here with lots of questions

> Hi Sarai,
> now _that_ is a long list of questions. I'll start and do my best, I
> hope the other list members will correct me and add things I forgot.
> See my answers below...
> Sarai D. Bucciarelli wrote:
> > 1. The text file of the manual is written pretty descriptively, but I
> > navigate to different sections. Is there a search string I can put in to
> > find things? Can you guys mark page numbers, create hyper links from the
> > table of contents, or something?
> Did you notice that there's also a pdf and an open office version of the
> manual on the rockbox website? Perhaps you can navigate better with one
> of those. You could also try to use the headline of the chapter you're
> interested in (as printed in the table of contents) as search string.
> > 2. What exactly is flashing the Rock Box, what are advantages and
> > disadvantages?
> After switching on your jukebox, it executes a program which is stored
> in a flashable chip. This program is your stock firmware which tries to
> load the ajbrec.ajz from disk afterwards. By flashing your jukebox, you
> overwrite the contents of this chip with rockbox code. The main
> advantage is the speedup of the boot process. Disadvantages are that you
> are really screwed up if something goes wrong (it's like reprogramming
> your mainboard bios). But that is not a real concern, because the
> reflashing procedure is well documented, well tested and has many saftey
> stages.
> See
> or manual chapter 7: Rockbox in flash
> > 3. How do I tell the status of my battery and the time?
> IIRC the battery status and the time are spoken in the info menu.
> > 4. In the manual it says something about a safe way to shut down the
> > something different then turning it off, I still don't understand how
to do
> > it, can some one explain?
> If you have a new recorder model (V2), simply hold the off button. It
> will shut down in a safe way automatically, there's no difference for
> the user in this case.
> > 5. Under the rock box menu, there is a choice for version, but when I
> > enter on it, nothing happens, what am I doing wrong?
> Nothing, there's only a screen displaying the version you've loaded at
> the moment, but it's not spoken.
> > 6. What do the other f keys do? I push them and nothing happens.
> They invoke a short menu (in combination with other keys). Read chapter
> 4: Quick Screen Menus in the manual for details.
> > 7. How do I create and edit play lists? When I click on creating a play
> > list, nothing happens?
> Are you sure. Normally your hard disk should spin up and a play list of
> all files and subdirectories in the current directory should be
> generated.
> > Can I use winamp to create them?
> Yes, rockbox reads winamp m3u-playlists fine.
> > Can I add or remove songs from play lists?
> The normal way of generating playlists in rockbox is to select songs or
> directories in the file browser and "insert" them into your current
> playlist (on+play menu, see manual for details). You can then save the
> current playlist using the f1 menu. If you want to remove songs or
> rearrange them, use the playlist viewer (or your computer).
> > I now have music in folders, should I put them in
> > play lists instead? Will play lists save more space on the player?
> If you use playlists, you still need the mp3s of course. Playlists are
> just a plain text list of files to play. Actually you can use a normal
> text editor program like notepad to edit them.
> > 8. Some times the speech won't read all of the word in the menus, is
this a
> > bug?
> No, the voiced menus have to fit in your 2 MB memory of the jukebox,
> that's why only those menu entries which are necessary and helpful are
> included.
> > Can I make the speech read faster?
> You would have to create your own voice font for this. Have you tried
> the several ones which are available on the rockbox site?
> > Can you guys make it read
> > songs/directories w/o spelling everything out, have it read like the
> > by words?
> See
> or manual chapter 2.7 Voice
> > 9. How can I get the info on screen to read when the song is playing?
> Doesn't work due to hardware limitations.
> > 10. I can't get anything to read when charging the player. What do I do?
> If you plug in the charger and your jukebox was switched off before, the
> archos software doesn't load rockbox automatically. It stays in the
> archos charging screen. You could either plug in the charger after
> switching on your jukebox or flash rockbox to prevent this behaviour.
> > 11. According to the FAQ, Archos won't support wma files, but if I buy
> > from these web sites, can I use CDEX to convert them to MP3's?
> If you don't have any copyright limitations, yes.
> > 12. Can Archos support books from Audible?
> No, you have to convert them to mp3s
> > 13. Can I delete the other langs b/s English, and the fonts and games
> > Rockbox? If not, do they waist space on the player?
> You can delete them, but it won't save you much space. In any case, they
> will reappear if you update rockbox.
> > 14. Kurzweil is an OCR program that is for blind users, you can create
> > >from books, will these play on the player?
> Yes, if they are ordinary mp3s.
> > 15. You guys keep coming out wiht a daily build, do I have to download
> > every day? If so, do I have to delete files b/f hand, or will the files
> > be replaced?
> You don't have to download the daily build every day. Regard it as
> service for those who want to have the newest features as soon as
> possible. Just overwrite your old version with the new one, no problem.
> > 16. I just downloaded the daily build and not V 2.3, is that okay? It
> > to work fine, but not sure if I'm right?
> Yes, that's fine.
> > 16. Archos is coming out with a new 20 GB player, I can't remember the
> > but the unit is smaller, is it accessible? Are you guys making rock box
> > it?
> Unlikely. Do you mean the Gmini? The main developers are currently
> working on porting rockbox to the iRiver series of harddisk based
> players.
> > 17. The rock box players that can store photos and movies, I can see
> > and would love one of these players, will Rock box ever be made for
> Unlikely
> > 18. The manual touched on a car adapter, is this a charger? If so, where
> > does it plug in, how much is it, and where can I get it?
> If you use your jukebox in a car and have a charger for the car
> (universal charger or the archos model), you can have your jukebox start
> automatically when you start the engine of the car. But you have to
> flash your jukebox for this (see car adapter mode in the manual)
> > 19. Is there an adapter I can buy to play the music through the car
> > If so, does it drain the battery? Where does it plug in and where can I
> > it?
> Depends on your car stereo. Some have direct line in possiblities
> (Aiwa), but for most you need a special adapter which simulates a cd
> changer in order to make the line in sockets usable.
> HTH, Andreas
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Received on 2004-12-16

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