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Subject: Re: I'm back, more questions, play lists and plug ins

Re: I'm back, more questions, play lists and plug ins

From: Andreas Stemmer <>
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 23:58:48 +0100

Sarai D. Bucciarelli wrote:
> Play lists:
> 1. I get that even though I can make play lists using Winamp, the best is to
> create them on the player so I can edit, add and remove songs, etc. However,
> when I hit create play list, it justs adds the current directory. I want to
> put songs from different directories in one play list and be able to delete
> when ever. I can't figure it out, and I also can't figure out how to name
> the play list. Yes, I think I found that part on the manual, but I'm still
> confused.

Everytime something is playing in rockbox you have a dynamic playlist in
memory. If you want to add songs to it, press "On" to switch to the file
browser (while the song keeps playing) and then navigate to the desired
mp3 file or directory and press On+play (meaning press and hold on, then
press play shortly and release both). You'll get a menu with several
file options (playlist, rename, delete and so on), select the first
option: playlist. Then you are asked where you want to insert the song
or directory in the current playlist. Your options are: insert, insert
next, insert last, queue, queue next, queue last.

Quoted from the manual:

Insert: Add track(s) to playlist. If no other tracks have been inserted
then the selected track will be added immediately after current playing
track, otherwise they will be added to end of insertion list.
Insert next: Add track(s) immediately after current playing track, no
matter what else has been inserted.
Insert last: Add track(s) to end of playlist.
Queue: Queue is the same as Insert except queued tracks are deleted
immediately from the playlist after they've been played. Also, queued
tracks are not saved to the playlist file (see page 27
Queue next: Queue track(s) immediately after current playing track.
Queue last: Queue track(s) at end of playlist.
You can insert a track, directory or playlist even if nothing is
currently playing. In this case, a new playlist is created with only the
selected tracks and then play is started.
Note: The dynamic playlist is saved so resume will restore it exactly as
before shutdown. Stopped playlists can be resumed from File Browser by
pressing ON.

Use the menu to save the dynamic playlist to disk (playlist options -
save current playlist) or view/edit it (playlist options - view current
playlist). I don't know how good the voicing in these functions works,
perhaps some other visually impaired users can help here.

For me, it's much easier to edit the playlists on the pc than editing
them on the tiny screen of the jukebox.

> 2. Plug ins, what exactly is a plug in? I've seen that term with Winamp.

A plug in is a extension of rockbox which can be loaded like a program
on the pc. All games are plugins for example.

> 2. How do I use the ones under rock box? Do I need to?

You don't need to and you won't have much fun with them, because at the
moment, there's no voice support for plugins.


Received on 2004-12-16

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