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Subject: Re: Difficulty in knowing wheterh I'm recording or not

Re: Difficulty in knowing wheterh I'm recording or not

From: Glenn at home <>
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 19:13:19 -0600

As folks can tell, this kind of technique works, but hap hazardly, if you
are in a loud environment, or if you want to listen to the program. Many of
us Blind folk have found some work-arounds which work for many things, but
often it involvs a lot of human memory usage, or not getting the full
potential out of a product.
So that is why we greatly appreciate all the efforts put into making these
units accessible.
I was using my unit before any voice features were available outside of the
folder names, but I have too many other things to keep in my thoughts than
the number of arrows to get around in my MP3 player.
Thanks to all.

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From: "Dj Paddy" <>
To: "Rockbox development" <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 21, 2004 10:25 PM
Subject: Re: Difficulty in knowing wheterh I'm recording or not

Hi there. I hope I can be of some help here.

For the noises from the hard drive.

Set your playback volume to 79% and this will prevent either the internal or
if you're using one an external microphone picking up the spinning noise as
the drive buffers. Which is what the funny squeels are that you and your
wife heard.

This is what I've found works from my personal experience using the Unit.

I know what you're saying about thinking your recording when you're not.

I am also a blind user.

I use the unit to record my lectures on my computer science degree in

I do the following to check to make sure I'm recording.

Once you've pushed play on start recording the drive spins.

If you push it again it may or may not spin. However, every minute or so if
you have the drive in your hand you'll feel a small vibration from the drive
whilst it buffers during recording. This can be very slight depending on
what drive you have. But it is a way I use to check every so often it's
still recording.

I hope this is of some help.

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From: "Jerry Van Baren" <>
To: "Rockbox development" <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 21, 2004 8:53 PM
Subject: Re: Difficulty in knowing wheterh I'm recording or not

> Kathy Szinnyey/Fred Otto wrote:
>> ...hook the remote control port up to your ear-lobe and generate a small
>> electric shock - LOL Ouch!
>> Okay, so yous guys are just about the coolest hacks I know. Okay,
> > so maybe my flattery won't get me anywhere, but I do hope you all
> > think about this some more. I'd just like to know, as a totally
> > blind person, whether I'm recording or paused. It's such a sad
> > moment in my day when I think I've pressed that play button twice
> > only to discover somehow I still wasn't recording!
>> On another subect . . . Why do we sometimes get weird sounds from
> > the hard drive during a recording? My husband and I were recording
> > a performance, and we went back to listen to it, there were a couple
> > of odd squeals that came from out of nowhere. Seemed to somehow be
> > coming from the hard drive.
>> Thanks for all your help and for all the interesting discussion.
>> Kathy Szinnyey
>> _______________________________________________
> It would take a non-trivial hardware mod (DISCLAIMER: I have not looked at
> the motor specs to verify that this would work)...
> If you removed the red LED and fed the wires out the case (perhaps use the
> 4th connection on the line in jack (?) -- the "digital out" line), you
> could connect a pager vibration motor to the wires. When Rockbox is ready
> to record it blinks the LED, which would give an intermittent vibration.
> When it is recording, the LED is on which would give continuous vibration.
> __
> ---- NO pushbutton switch
> v+ >----o o-+----+
> | |
> - |
> diode ^ (O) vibrator motor
> | |
> LED >---------+----+
> I would add the normally open pushbutton switch so that the motor is
> driven only when you need the feedback. I would also mount this in a
> remote box so that it is protected and the vibrations are isolated from
> the Rockbox (important if you are using the built-in mic).
> ----
> On your second question, are you using the built-in mic? It picks up the
> hard drive mechanical noise. There is no avoiding this.
> Some people have also complained that the hard drive (apparently) induces
> noise in the power supply lines which is picked up by the analog input
> circuitry even though they are using the line-in function. This seemed to
> be a function of individual units, not a cross-the-board issue.
> gvb
> _______________________________________________


Received on 2004-12-23

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