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Subject: Re: more gmails for xmas

Re: more gmails for xmas

From: BlueChip <>
Date: 2004-12-28

>>OK, I have to ask. What the heck is a gmail, and why does everybody want
>GMAIL is the first step of a giant US ANTI TERROR System. The system asks
>you to store your emails... forever. If you choose to forward another
>account to the gmail account they have even more infos. Even if you just
>want to delete a mail, a warning says "Hey.. you have enough space... keep
>it - why do you want to delete it?"
>Maybe George W. wants to collect some infos? You only can fight your enemy
>if you know your enemy... And they want to know everything!
>I don't trust this thing. I have also a gmail account, but I think I will
>use it for spam, penis expander and things like this ;-)

I love the idea that they use "targetted advertising" as a Selling Point -
LMAO ...If I'm obliged to see adverts, I would rather they were for things
I have absolutely NO interest in (tins of spam, penis expanders and things
like that) ;)

And HOW do they work out what my interests are? ...They read
(electronically) every email I have stored in MY 1GB of acount space!

Well, it STILL won't work with Opera - so ... /me <shrugs> and continues to
struggle on with POP3 ...Ooohhh the pain - LOL


Received on Tue Dec 28 04:25:26 2004

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