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Subject: Rockbox text editor?

Rockbox text editor?

From: Jj Kidder <>
Date: 2004-12-29

Hey there Rock-Box friends!

Is there any plans for a text editor for the RockBox? Seems like it
oughtn't entail a whole lot seeing as there's already an ASCII entry
routine. I'd do it myself if I knew a golldurn thing about coding.
But I don't.

I would pledge a paypal transfer of the cost of a case of Guinness
drought cans in someone's locale as an inducement to hurry it along.
(Prefer it to be an American so I don't get totally gouged on currency
conversion, but c'est la vie.)

Its not much but its all I can afford at the moment.

This would be such a cooool plug-in. It would turn the Rockbox from
the awesomest walkman/harddrive/weird little videogame console/field
recorder into all that plus a slightly brain-damaged PDA. =%>


Received on Wed Dec 29 04:05:17 2004

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