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Subject: Playback channel configuration in rockbox - suggestions & survey

Playback channel configuration in rockbox - suggestions & survey

From: Jens Arnold <>
Date: 2005-01-08

Hello all,

I'm thinking of an improvement of the playback channel
configuration in rockbox. Today we have (sorted by logic, not
item order):

1) Mono
2) Stereo narrow
3) Stereo
4) Stereo wide

and further

5) Mono left
6) Mono right
7) Karaoke

I intend to replace the first 4 settings with a more fine
grained control, allowing to set the stereo width in percent,
allowing adjustment from 0% to 255% in 1% steps. This allows
very precise control of the perceived stereo width, and
(almost) covers the previous channel settings 1..4 as follows:

New | Old
0% | Mono
. |
. |
50% | Stereo narrow
. |
. |
100% | Stereo
. |
. |
255% |
300% | Stereo wide

Yes, you see that the range is a bit smaller - the old "Stereo
wide" setting equals a stereo width of 300%, but I think that
won't be a problem. Imho this setting is a bit too wide anyway.
In case anyone thinks 255% is not enough, the range could be
extended to 0%..511%.

Now a question arises: What to do with the old channel settings
5..7 ? Does anyone use them, or could these be removed completely?
I would vote for removing them. I can't think of an application
for the single channel mono modes, and setting Karaoke mode
makes the voice UI silent.
(For the technically interested: The "Karaoke" setting equals a
stereo width of infinity.)

I'd appreciate any feedback on this!

Regards, Jens

Received on Sat Jan 8 15:00:38 2005

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