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Subject: Re: development questions

Re: development questions

From: Linus Nielsen Feltzing <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 08:30:47 +0100

Ray Lambert wrote:
> I'm glad to report that A-B Repeat is basically completed and working
> pretty well!


> The first question is about lang and voice files. I have added one
> small string to english.lang, but this clearly needs to get into the
> other lang files as well. How does this happen?

It is done automatically when the translator for that language runs the
uplang script to import the new strings into the language file. Before
that happens, the english strings will be used by Rockbox.

> And what about the voice files? Is there someone who does that
> or is it my responsibility?

It is nobodys responsibility, but anyone that feels like it can create a
new voice file and upload it to the wiki.

> The second question is about icons on char-mapped displays. (I have
> added an A-B Repeat status bar icon for the bitmapped display.) From
> reading the source code, it appears that it may be possible to define a
> custom icon for the char-mapped screens (perhaps using a font only?),
> but I couldn't determine how it is done. I also don't have a player
> device so I can't even use trial and error. Is this actually possible
> and if so how is it done?

Well, the "off-screen" icons are not customizable. All you can do is to
define a new character to be included in the character map. This isn't
very usable for the A/B repeat, since the repeat status isn't shown
using characters, but rather the "off-screen" repeat icons. IIRC, there
are only icons for repeat and repeat-1 :-(.

> Next, I was wondering if some folks with non-recorder devices could
> suggest key pairs that could be used for the Set A Marker and Set B
> Marker functions. I won't be able to test them but I could at least put
> something in the patch that has a chance of working on those devices.

You can leave that to us. It looks like ON and the -/+ are free on the
player. I don't know about the Ondio though.

> My last question is about the A-B implementation. I am currently
> detecting when the B marker gets hit by comparing the position in
> id3->elapsed with the previously set B marker (also taken from
> id3->elapsed). I am doing this in wps.c, in the key loop.

The "cleanest" way would probably be to implement it in the MP3 thread,
but that involves quite a lot of tricky work. Let's do it your way
first, and then improve it if we need to.

> Thanks for listening and thanks in advance for your help!

Thanks for working on this!

Received on 2005-01-13

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