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Subject: Re: Writing plug-ins

Re: Writing plug-ins

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 19:11:55 +0000

>>It's not your lucky day today...
>That patch tracker entry is a perfect example of why I don't miss your
>contributions much.

Well, just so long as you admit to missing them at least a little, that's
nice :)

Most of the new sound features I introduced to the scene have been cloned
into Rockbox now anyway, so even if my name continues to not be included
the credits, my influence lives on :)

>AFAIR, that tracker entry was also posted by you before you setup your own
>separate Rockbox-site

Yeah, I thought that when I picked that link too. The full sim code with
all the cool and doody features (real-aspect; scaleable screen &
screen-dumps; on-top/on-toolbar mode; selectable colours; etc) is on the
Cyborg Systems site now if you want to look now that you can.

>and did your attempts to violate the GPL license.

I'm glad you think it is important to discuss that. I presume you are
referring to the occasion where I released my dynamically linked beta
version of the solitaire card game plugin. As you may still recall, the
code for the beta version was abysmal and quite frankly embarrasing
...several had asked me (possibly on irc?) to make the beta plugin
available for pre-release testing - I did, but made the mistake of simply
"making it available" rather than "spamming it to people individually"
...When you got nasty about this action, I explained (several times) that
the full cleaned up source would be available in a few days (which it was -
you can still download it as a full blown library/engine, rather than a
botched proof-of-concept)

Retrospectively, I should have adhered to the GPL license you were throwing
in my face; set up a paypal account and told you to wire me the money along
with your home address and I would print it out and send it to you!
the time you received the old code, the new stuff would have been posted -
without any deliberate intervention on my behalf. >:(

>I was referring to that latter code, the code you spoke about in regard to

That was the Audio_3587 iirc. I don't recall if you were specifically
involved in the online chat regarding my (ab)use of the speech engine to
create the first (and, I think, only) blind-friendly plugin.

>The code you freely post in a tracker entry can hardly be tainting anyone,
>whatever legal approach you have.

It was NEVER *my* approach - the threats of "legal" intentions were started
at your end of the sceanrio. I still (to this day) wonder WHO you were
going to sue/prosecute/summons/whatever - LOL

>I realize I will have to live with your non-stop picking on me.

Since you've admitted to inventing the disinformation about "tainting" ...I
think people can make their own minds up as to if this is as one-sided as
you are trying to imply.

>But my lucky day it is. I get my code added to Rockbox. You don't. I have
>many lucky days.

You might be irked if you knew how many blocks of code I have written for
active devs which is now included in the main release ...loopholes are
everywhere when you do not require credit for your work... nah nah na nahh
naaaahhh ...LOL

> Daniel Stenberg -- --

BlueChip --
Received on 2005-01-13

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