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Subject: problem when playing files and using bookmarks

problem when playing files and using bookmarks

From: helmuth schlögl <>
Date: 2005-01-15

Hi Together
My name is Helmuth. I'm blind and have recently purchawsed the archos
jukebox recorder (20gb). I've already enabled talking menus and
directories but when I try to play a file, the voice only says the
name of the file but it doesn't start playing. The only way I can
get it working is by selecting playlist/insert. A simelar problem
ocours when I try to use bookmarks. I've set rockbox up to create
bookmarks when stopping playback and to load bookmarks automatically
when starting again. But as I have to start playing all files by
selecting playlist/insert he always starts playing the file from the
beginning which is particularely inconvenient when I want to listen to
an audiobooks. Selecting bookmarks/list bookmarks doesn't work either
(he always says list bookmarks). I can only view the last ten
bookmarks but when I select one and press play he also keeps on saying
the name of the bookmark only. Any idea how to solve this problem?
Archos model: archos jukebox recorder 20gb (version 1), firmware 2.4
(problem also ocours in 2.3), language =german, voice =at&t natural
voices Klara
Thanks in advance, Helmuth

Received on Sat Jan 15 13:21:00 2005

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