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Subject: AW: More aggressive Rockbox battery charging

AW: More aggressive Rockbox battery charging

From: Matthias Klumpp <>
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 18:50:13 +0100

Hi Jerry (and Linus),

# -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
# Von:
# []Im Auftrag von Jerry Van Baren
# Gesendet: Montag, 7. Februar 2005 03:34
# An:
# Betreff: Re: More aggressive Rockbox battery charging
# I updated the patch and the ajbrec.ajz file. I had a couple of "ifdef"s
# I really wanted "ifndef"s (oops),


# but the big change is increasing the
# maximum top-off/trickle charge duty cycle to be 59/60 (was 24/60). I
# strongly suspect this is the root of Matthias' problem.

Anyhow, here the results of yesterday's test:
- Batteries were not fully charged (I wanted to do this in a 2nd test today,
that is now obsolete).
- V2.4 flashed, your .ajz rolo'ed
- Remaining capacity showed 6h44m (as nearly always with unmodified
- It then charged (bat. symbol running) for aprox. 1h
- Then bat. symbol was 100% (not running anymore) and remaining cap. showed
11h25m (that's pretty near to what I expect with 2000mAh :-))
- I started at 10:45
- At 17:00 (after the magic 6h limit, it was still playing) - I got that
:-)))) in my eyes
- At 18:30 there was finally the :-(( in my eyes: JB stuck, batteries empty,
ATA Error -1
- (Maybe) intersting is, that it showed a remaining cap. 11h25m until the

# Matthias is using a 9+v charger which, according to the FAQ, gives him
# 140mA current into the Archos.

I was once measuring 80mA into the Archos (V2.3, HDD not running, battery
symbol bar running).

# The problem is, this is only slightly more than is necessary just to run
the AJR
# (and less than needed when the disk spins up).

Please keep in mind:
The supply is able to provide up to 1A, if needed.
It's just the JB not "sucking" more than 80mA (in my case).

# With a limit of 40% duty cycle (24/60), his charger is falling behind.
# Matthias: please try the new load.

Ok, I'll try that with fresh charged batteries during the night (in

# I suspect the load from yesterday will NOT work significantly better for

Not really (but virtually ;-))))

# since it still is limited to a 40% duty cycle.
# I'm hoping this new load will cure your charger blues :-).

We'll see, pray and hope ;-)))))

I'll tell you tomorrow.



Received on 2005-02-07

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