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Subject: playlists again

playlists again

From: Christopher Moore <>
Date: 2005-02-13

I want to create a playlist with individual tracks from my jbr. I'd like
to do this by cycling through the following steps:

1) browse my albums
2) listen to a track
3) insert to playlist (when I want the track)
4) repeat 1 - 3
5) save the playlist when done

Currently, when I choose insert from the on+play/playlist submenu only
the last track is saved when I do a "save playlist" from the f1 menu.

Once a dynamic playlist is created with "save playlist" can it be modified?
I suppose I could create 50 dynamic playlists (each containing one track)
and merge them with a cp command, but I was hoping that rockbox could do
this w/o connecting to the pc.

Received on Sun Feb 13 02:11:34 2005

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