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Subject: Re: My experinces with lame --nogap

Re: My experinces with lame --nogap

From: Jens Arnold <>
Date: 2005-02-18

Hello Andreas

On 18.02.2005, you wrote:

> Ray Lambert wrote:
>> Unfortunately, a new problem has arisen. When you use --nogap
>> with lame (using VBR) it does not output the Xiph VBR table
>> and, as a result, rockbox appears to not be able to determine
>> the correct track length. Everything still plays well, but
>> the total time display is wrong and the track time status bar
>> fills before the track actually finishes.
>> So, is there a way to have my cake and eat it too? :)

> Just run vbrfix afterwards! (You'll find it on the tools page
> if you don't have it yet)

You don't need to run vbrfix afterwards. With a recent lame,
just add the option --nogaptags and it'll work.

lame disables the VBR tags by default when doing gapless encoding
because many players don't properly strip metadata, so the
playback wouldn't be gapless. Rockbox is clever enough to handle

>> I've looked on the lame web site but can't even find --nogap
>> documented anywhere! (I'll search the mailing list archive
>> later.)

> Yes, I didn't find it either. But it works, that's enough for
> me.

lame --help and
lame --longhelp

are very useful here.

Regards, Jens

Received on Fri Feb 18 21:26:06 2005

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