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Subject: [MOD] HD spinning indication

[MOD] HD spinning indication

From: Joris van den Heuvel <>
Date: 2005-03-16

I made a small mod to my JBR V1. I exchanged the power led for a bicolour one, and hooked the red side up to the ATA power. This way, I can tell if the disk is getting power. Pretty useless in itself, but so is IDCdragon's white led mod (which I'm going to do soon, as soon as I get my white 1206 leds).

Power to the uselessness!

A picture can be found here:

The "big" led is a bicolour led, and the wire is attached to the ATA power (switched by the upper SO8 ic) via an added 1k47 0805 resistor.

I did yet another mod: not shown in the picture is a wire and a 100E resistor from the kathodes of the backlight leds to ground, so the backlight will always be on at a very low level. Just enough to read the display in the dark, and not eating much juice from the batteries. Backlight is turned off in Rockbox.
Received on Wed Mar 16 00:46:12 2005

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