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Subject: Re: problem (jukebox player (help please!

Re: problem (jukebox player (help please!

From: Sof <>
Date: 2005-03-24

You wrote:

>Your settings are somehow messed up, I'd say. If you've kept a config file
>with your favourite settings, you can play that to restore them. If not,
>there's a menu item to factory reset them, but you'd probably need to be
>walked there.
 OK, thanks. i've reset the factory settings, but no progress.
>The flashing problem is because you obviously have "rombox" flashed, the
>recommended variant which frees the RAM from the code. Before flashing
>again, run your "archos.mod" to be running from RAM again, temporarily. We
>can't reflash the ROM "under our feet", while executing Rockbox from it.
ok, i think i understand. so, you mean that this message "not from ROM" comes from the fact that I have rombox flashed. so, I just have to "play" archos.mod to run it from RAM?
bizarre that only the voice feature have been messed up. I'm gonna also check if i haven't some bad clusters on the disk. thanks in advance if you cman confirm what i've said below and for further info if you can.
I'll test this during the afternoon and i'll let you know.

Received on Thu Mar 24 18:07:54 2005

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