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Subject: the voice is back!!

the voice is back!!

From: Sof <>
Date: 2005-03-24

I'm pleased to announce that my voice feature is back!!!
It was apparently a damn bad cluster on my archos. I've reinstalled all the rockbox files and now it works!! great!
thanks all for your help.
One or tow questions though:
Have I to keep my old archos.mod file in the root of the unit or is it useless now that the box has been flashed?
and, before flashing, I have to press one second to boot up the unit. Now, one single pression brings up rockbox. The problem is that, when I put the box in my pocket or in a bag, sometimes the unit is switched on without my knowledge and, since my settings are set to resume playback, it's working and consuming battery. Is it a bug or is it part orf the fast booting? Not really annoying, just for my curiosity.
thanks a bunch again.

Received on Thu Mar 24 20:16:51 2005

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