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Subject: a question about building voice files

a question about building voice files

From: RaZorbacK <>
Date: 2005-03-28

Hi all,
I do apologize for the length of the message, but I'd like to explain well my problems. :)

I've tried to build my own voice file for rockbox. Everything worked fine, except one or two things.
I think I have exactly followed the nice how to written on this purpose. I've put the english.lang and the french.lang (the one that I want to "voice") taken from the source code package available on the website. I have set everything properly in the makevoices.vbs file according to my need and to the TTS i'm using. But, when I build my french voice file, and I test it on my box, my player is speaking english menus with a french accent! :) funny isn't it? ;) Nonetheless, i have put in my building directory an "english.lan" and a "francais.lang", i've put correctly in the vbs "MakeVoiceFile "tts name", "francais", and the lame parameters. I think it's ok.
so, my questions:
- Is it ok that the lang files to use have to be extracted from the source package?
Have I to modify something in my lang files?

Second problem: Could someone give me an example of lines to put in the section InitReplaceLists? I've dupplicated my gen_default section and renamed it but I can't figure out how to connect the function because I haven't been able to find some examples....
Sory again for this long email.

Received on Mon Mar 28 07:38:02 2005

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