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Subject: Re: Autoloadconfig thingy - wanted: feedback :-)

Re: Autoloadconfig thingy - wanted: feedback :-)

From: Ronald Teune <>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 21:46:10 +0200

left,right,up,down will also be possible. And perhaps some iRiver-specific
keys of which I have no knowledge off.
I will consider the .cfg listing. For me it's not neccesary, because I
only have 2 .cfg's, but I can imagine that other people might have more.
The listing would mean 2 extra keypresses though... A combination of the
two types of .cfg loading is of course possible too, or make it
configurable. There'd only be need 2 options then: 1 - load key.cfg, 2 -
show .cfg list; 1 enabled by default (which is only active when suitable
.cfg's exist - no interference with 'normal' operation).

Thanks for the feedback,

On Thu, 31 Mar 2005 19:56:17 +0200, Tomas <> wrote:

> Sounds intresting...
> But I would just list all .cfg files in the .rockbox folder... like the
> "Browse cfg files" option does... Independant of the resume screen.
> That would be more usefull on Iriver model's too... because they don't
> have a F1, F2 and F3
> And it would make it possible to use more config files..
> Tomas
> Ronald Teune wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> Here's something I would like to have some comments on. It's about an
>> option to load config files at startup (e.g. a file for earphones
>> (f1.cfg, vol=62, bass+treble somewhere around 5) and a file for home
>> stereo (vol=81, equalizer flat) is what I use now. Beneath are my
>> ideas about this, please feel free to comment, criticize, burn me to
>> the ground, etc.
>> I was thinking about start working on the autoloadconfig thingy again.
>> Last time I tried
>> adding a config option to show it or not show it, on the same screen
>> as the resume screen.
>> This introduced quite bulky code (e.g. when the resume screen is not
>> shown, sometimes the
>> autoloadconfig screen should be shown, etc.)
>> The idea that I have is as follows:
>> * link it to the resume screen, always. If people want an
>> autoloadconfig screen, they won't
>> care if the press-play-to-resume is on there, too. It won't hurt
>> normal rockbox operation,
>> imho.
>> * make it 'autodetect' f1.cfg, f2.cfg, f3.cfg, up.cfg, down.cfg files.
>> And perhaps left.cfg
>> and right.cfg too. A config option might not even be neccesary in this
>> case, i.e. if rockbox
>> would ship with f2.cfg and f3.cfg out-of-the-box, so people would see
>> the option exist, and
>> can delete the files if they don't want it.
>> * if a .cfg file does not exist, then do the 'normal' resume screen
>> action (=don't resume).
>> This way a user can choose keys appropriate to him and his model, a
>> recorder user can choose
>> left/right too if he likes. The text at the bottom of the resume
>> screen can be something like
>> "Press key to load .cfg" (which is only shown when there are
>> appropriate .cfg files)
>> Maybe a config option will be neccesary to avoid confusion, or to make
>> sure people know about this feature without reading the docs and
>> without having to ship rockbox with a .cfg file. But is all this
>> hassle and extra code and extra config space worth it?
>> Thanks,
>> Ronald
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skype: zeekoe
Received on 2005-03-31

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