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Subject: Hardware problems on my Studio 10 shortly after flashing Rockbox 2.4 (Panic ATA: -11)

Hardware problems on my Studio 10 shortly after flashing Rockbox 2.4 (Panic ATA: -11)

From: Fernando Birra <>
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2005 11:51:01 +0100


This is a long story but I hope you can help me somehow. I have a Jukebox
6000 (one of the very first, very, very old) and I used it in my car as a CD
changer (if anyone is interested in using a Player/Recorder on a BMW with
the stock headunits please check my page here: A couple of months ago the serial
port used for the remote died and my Jukebox can't talk with the car bus
anymore. I decided to buy a unit on e-bay and I got a Studio 10 with the
latest 5.08 firmware and 5.06 Rom. It was simply great. I flashed Rockbox
2.4 on it almost immediatelly. I then started to copy all my music library
to the unit and after around one hour I got an error on a file copy. I
retried that file by hand and the copy worked ok. After this I rebooted the
Studio and got a Panic ATA: -11 message and the red led blinks every second
or so. Now this is what I have already tried:

1. If I boot the Studio with the '-' key pressed I get a HD Error (that's
2. Booting the Studio with archos firmware with the USB cable connected to
the PC works ok. The drive is mounted on the PC and I can browse, copy, etc.
3. I plugged the CPU board of the Jukebox into the Studio mainboard and it
boots ok, no problem with the disk in this case. However, the LCD doesn't
come up. I suspect this is some incompatibility between the Studio LCD and
the older Jukebox 6000 CPU board (Version 7). By the way, the Studio 10 has
a CPU board identified as 8.2.
4. Putting the Studio 10 CPU board on the Jukebox 6000 unit also doesn't
work but in this case I can't exactly say which error is happening since the
Jukebox 6000 LCD got broken and putting the Studio 10 LCD on the old Jukebox
6000 mainboard doesn't work at all (whether I use the old CPU board or the
newer one from the Studio 10).

So, I suspect that there is some problem on my CPU Board 8.2 that came with
the Studio 10. At least by changing the board with the older one from the
Jukebox 6000 it boots ok and I can start the music and so...

My question is if anyone knows which components on the CPU board I should
check for faults. The Panic ATA: -11 message is reported because the unit
couldn't identify the disc wither as a Master or as a Slave... But the disc
is working as I can still use it over the USB with the original archos

Perhaps this additional detail might help. Before this happened I noticed a
burning IC smell coming from the top of the unit, near the EAR and Line Out
plugs (but no smoke). I suspect it was a transistor that turns the hard disc
on/off I replaced it with a general BC547 and it seems to be working (at
least with the old Jukebox CPU board). But some damage was caused on the
main board of the Studio when the original transistor burned...

Any help would be gratelly apreciated as I don't have a clue to what is
causing the problem. But my guess is that either is the SH-1 itself or some
IC that interfaces the disc with the processor while not in USB mode. Is it
correct to say that in USB mode the ISD200 takes complete control of the
disc? Because USB mode is working well with original archos firmware...

Thanks in advance,
Fernando Birra

Received on 2005-04-05

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