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Subject: DJ mode possible?

DJ mode possible?

From: Mike Bartz <>
Date: 2005-04-20

Hello everyone,

Great job to all the authors who have worked hard to make Rockbox so
awesome! I have a JBR20 v2 running 2.4 and especially love the voice
feature since I use it in my car all the time. Helps to keep my eyes
on the road instead of the little green screen.

One thing that I thought of which might be useful would be what I
would call "DJ mode" where between songs in a playlist, the .talk file
would be played for the upcoming song. I know that you couldn't do a
"talk over" kind of fade in because of the limitation of the single
decoder chip, but it would seem like a pretty simple thing to be able
to turn on/off in a menu. Basically dynamically inserting the .talk's
in the playlists or something.

Easier said than done? I hope someone with some good programming
skills thinks so. It's the one thing that I still do from time to
time, especially when I'm playing my whole music folder on shuffle.
Sometimes I want to look at the screen and say "what song is that??"
I try to only do that at red lights and stop signs, of course!


Mike Bartz
Received on Wed Apr 20 16:41:28 2005

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