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Subject: Re: (was: (no subject))

Re: (was: (no subject))

From: Joseph Jones <>
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 15:07:23 +0100

Heh, that reminds me of when I accidentally managed to power the
stereo and the radio unit inside it by putting my plasma globe on top
of them XD I was terrified when it started playing music.


On 4/19/05, BlueChip <> wrote:
> EMP is the electronics killer - especially magnetic based recording meduims
> - of which a hdd is most certianly one ...Moveable rust flakes glued to a
> spinning glass disk - somewhere between a (philips) casette and a record
> which plays out from the middle using a teeny weeny magent instead of a
> needle, and spins considerably faster than 33 RPM :)
> Start by simply reformatting the hard drive - you could get lucky.
> Next will be a low level format, to replace the engineering marks on the
> disk platters.
> The worry is that if you hit the right frequency for long enough you could
> have killed anything - for 'tis the nature of EMP :( Massive magnetic
> pulses cause an empathetic movement of electrons in metallic substances -
> that is ...a big enough magnet (or much smaller alternating
> (electro-)magnet) will generate electricity INSIDE componenets ...breach
> the chips safety specs, and the result is anything from dead to (apprently)
> random behaviour.
> Pray for it to be a dead hard drive :)
> BC
> >Hello all.
> >
> >I am a car audio guy, and I just got through installing on my car. The
> >thing is, when I was installing my sub and testing it with test tones from
> >my Archos Recorder v2, the 9" diameter by 3" tall magnets accidentally
> >came near the MP3 player.
> >
> >Basically, now, the MP3 player loads perfectly. It has no problem
> >spinning up the hard drive, however on about 80 to 90 percent of my songs,
> >the mp3 player will play 5-8 seconds of the song, and then lock down, stop
> >playing, and I have to force shutdown on it.
> >
> >Also, when plugging it into a computer, the mp3 player will not register
> >with the computer half of the time, and when it does, it comes up as a
> >"Local Disk Drive" (not "Jukebox:") and also reports the drive to be
> >unformatted.
> >
> >What can I do to make my MP3 player usable?
> >
> >Many thanks,
> >Brian
> _______________________________________________

Received on 2005-04-22

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