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Subject: What's wrong with my tag-DB?

What's wrong with my tag-DB?

From: Thomas Heuving <>
Date: 2005-04-24

Today I loaded the newest daily build (CVS 050424) for my recorder to
check out the tag-DB. After rolo-ing the new version I flashed the unit.
I then installed in .rockbox and made the database with

perl --path /media/archos --strip /media/archos

The script reported progress and some statstics at the end (number
of albums etc.) whick looked quite right. Now I had a rockbox.id3db
with some 256KB in this dir.
After I booted rockbox, I entered the F2-menu and switched to the
Database, but the file browser showed nothing. Copying rockbox.id3db
to the root-dir doesn't altered anything. What's going wrong?


Thomas Heuving
Received on Sun Apr 24 16:40:35 2005

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