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Subject: Re: archos Jukebox Studio 20 and instalation of rockbox

Re: archos Jukebox Studio 20 and instalation of rockbox

From: Chris Skarstad <>
Date: Mon, 09 May 2005 14:41:40 -0500

Hi Sarai
  Ok, now just so I've got everything straight here, I took a look and in
my add/remove programs under xp, I've got this item that says, FTD I USB
serial drivers, is that what I should uninstall? My install CD for my
archos came with Musicmatch Jukebox which I and many other blind users know
doesn't work with JAWS. So I avoided installing that one, you bet.
But the software CD also has those drivers on it so that's what I installed.
Hopefully I can get this going soon.

At 02:21 PM 5/9/2005, you wrote:
>I'm blind too. Okay, first of all, you don't need the software that came
>with the player. Uninstall it. I have XP and when I hook the recorder to the
>computer, it shows as drive E under my computer. You just copy things to the
>player like normal. You have to unzip the rockbox directly to the player,
>not copy the files. Put the ajbreck.adj on the root directory of the player.
>I know that isn't spelled right, but Jaws will read the file like this. Then
>follow the steps from the FAQ for blind users. When you get through, unplug
>the unit, put on the head phones and turn it off then on again. The rockbox
>should load, hit the f 1 button, the first of the three buttons below the
>screen. It should read the menus. I think voices is under general settings,
>you can set the reading structures of the files and directories here.
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Chris Skarstad" <>
>To: <>
>Sent: Monday, May 09, 2005 1:50 PM
>Subject: archos Jukebox Studio 20 and instalation of rockbox
> I'm very new to all this, having just purchased an Archos Jukebox Studio
>recorder, (version 1 by the way), and I'm having some difficulties with it
>and was hoping one of you could send a few thoughts or suggestions my way
>to get things working.
>Firstly, i need to let you all know that I'm blind, and I was directed to
>the FAQ on the site for blind and visually impaired users,
>which I've read multiple times. I've gone through all the other FAQ files
>and have downloaded what is, hopefully, the correct version of
>rockbox. Ok, now that we have all the preliminaries out of the way, here's
>where the problems begin. At first, when I atempted to hook my Archos to my
>windows XP machine via the supplied USB cable, nothing happened. I was
>stumped so I asked a few friends and one of them said that I should first
>turn on the player before connecting it. So I did and after waiting for
>about 30 to 45 seconds let's say, windows finally found the device and
>installed what is, I hope the correct driveers for it. It asked for the
>software cd and it installed fine. It did say that the drivers did not pass
>windows logo testing but I installed them anyways because those were the
>only ones I had. So then, everything was set.
>So the g drive came up and I was able to look at the items on the
>player/recorder's hard drive, but while the player was hooked up, the
>computer was very sluggish and slow to respond.
>I even had trouble stopping the device by clicking on the safely remove
>hardware icon in the system tray.
>Ok, so with all that said, I'd like to find out why this is all happening
>and is there a way to fix it? I did see that there is a file on
>the archos's hard drive but I could not do anything with it.
>I'd like to be able to install rockbox on the archos, but with my machine
>being so sluggish while the player is connected, I don't see a wway I can
>do that, at least right now. Note I've got a couple other USB devices
>connected to the computer and neither one causes any problems, they run
>just as they should. Note that I have USB 2.0 on here.
>The only time I experience any sluggishness is while the Archos is
>connected. I do have a P4 3.06 G Hertz machine with 512 Megs of Ram and 2
>100 gig hard drives, so i'm definitely up to specs.
>So I'm hoping one of you can assist me here.
>I should also mention that I have downloaded another set of drivers from
>the Archos site which appear to be xp compadible. So, if installing those
>drivers would help I'd be glad to do what I can to get set up with
>Rockbox. Again, thanks in advance for any assistance you guys can provide
>here. I've never used an Archos before, so I'm eager to get started with it!

Received on 2005-05-09

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