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Subject: Re: success with Rockbox, sort of!

Re: success with Rockbox, sort of!

From: Chris Skarstad <>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 05:13:05 -0500

Hi Marcus
That'd be easy if I could see. Being blind sort of makes things a little
more difficult you know.
It's ok though. I've determined that I do have a player rather than the

At 03:29 AM 5/10/2005, you wrote:
>I think you should AT FIRST find out if you have the right hardware!
>So why don't you just have a look on the rockbox side? If the buttons look
>like the ones of the player it's a player and can't record. If the buttons
>look like the recorder it is a recorder. I think it's that easy...
> (Mouse click gives
>you larger images...)
>Cheers Markus
>Am Tue, 10 May 2005 00:40:28 -0500 schrieb Chris Skarstad
>>hi. Well, the buttons are all separate of course, but if you hold the
>>unitin front of you, the USB connection is on the bottom, and on the
>>lefthand side, you have the on/off button up top, and the menu key below
>>that. and then, just to the right of that, you have the play button and
>>the plus and minus keys and the stop button i believe is on the right as
>>well. now I could be wrong about this since I'm just getting used to
>>this thing, but as I say, there doesn't appear to be any recording
>>settings in the menus at all, not under general settings or anywhere
>>else I can find.
>> At 12:21 AM 5/10/2005, you wrote:
>>>Do you have a "play" button in the middle of four up/down/left/right
>>>buttons (plural)?
>>>or do you have a big four-way up/down/left/right button (singular)?
>>>Unless there is something I don't know ...The former can record, the
>>>latter cannot.
>>>>Hi Sarai
>>>>Well, i just looked at the general settings and there was nothing
>>>>about recording in there. Now I could be totally missing something.
>>>>Here's what I have under general settings...
>>>>playback, file view, display, system, bookmarking, language, voice,
>>>>now of course all those have sub menus underneath them, but maybe
>>>>recording is there and I'm just not navigating it right?
>>>>Maybe it's there and I'm just not seing it.
>>>>Any thoughts?
>>>>At 11:46 PM 5/9/2005, you wrote:
>>>>>No I don't think you do. Look under the general settings. I'm 99
>>>>>sure you have the recorder. Let me look when I have mine uphere. Its
>>>>>in my
>>>>>purse right now.
>>>>>----- Original Message -----
>>>>>From: "Chris Skarstad" <>
>>>>>To: "Rockbox development" <>
>>>>>Sent: Monday, May 09, 2005 11:38 PM
>>>>>Subject: Re: success with Rockbox, sort of!
>>>>>Hi. Actually, on mine, the last 2 things are info, and shutdown.
>>>>>like I've got the recorder, rather than the player. I am so bummed.
>>>>>So it looks like it's an Ondio 128 for me.
>>>>>At least, that's what looks the most likely.
>>>>>At 11:12 PM 5/9/2005, you wrote:
>>>>> >Look under the menus, record is down towards the bottom.
>>>>> >----- Original Message -----
>>>>> >From: "Chris Skarstad" <>
>>>>> >To: <>
>>>>> >Sent: Monday, May 09, 2005 7:01 PM
>>>>> >Subject: success with Rockbox, sort of!
>>>>> >
>>>>> >
>>>>> >Hi everyone
>>>>> >Well, I successfully got Rockbox working on my Archos. Ok, now one
>>>>> >question, hope someone can help here? I bought the Archos Jukebox
>>>>> >20, but going through the menus, I don't see any recording options
>>>>> >anywhere. That is unless I bought the wrong model? I hope not
>>>>>because I
>>>>> >spent a bunch of money on this and I really don't want to have to
>>>>>look all
>>>>> >over for another version that hopefully does the job. I am 99%
>>>>>there, I
>>>>> >just need to see if I didn't make a huge mistake buying this. From
>>>>>all the
>>>>> >descriptions on the rockbox website, it looks as if it's a recorder
>>>>> >1, but again, I don't see any recording options. I know you can use
>>>>> >to record, by the way I downloaded the rockbox-2.4-install.exe
>>>>> > file from the website and all works ok accept for this. I hope
>>>>> >can help here.
>>>>> >Thanks.
>>>>> >
>>>>> >
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>Markus Grebenstein
>Adalbertstrasse 88
>80799 München

Received on 2005-05-10

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