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Subject: Re: Recording with the Archos recorder

Re: Recording with the Archos recorder

From: Chris Skarstad <>
Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 23:05:29 -0500

Hi again BC
   I'm not sure where the gain control is on mine, I have a Jukebox
recorder. In the recording screen, the only thing I seem to have available
to me is to actually start recording. However, in the recording settings I
have the following:

independent frames
time split
pre-record time and
directory. So if there's a gain control I can turn up, I'm not finding it,
at least with the 2.4 version of Rockbox. it's probably right there in
front of me and I'm probably missing it, lol.

  At 10:38 PM 5/21/2005, you wrote:

>>Hi BC
>>Well, I've tested both the jacks I can test with with the pre-amp, i even
>>replaced the batterry in it and still nothing. I did find out that on my
>>recorder you *do* have to push the play button twice to actually start a
>>recording. So, this time, I actually got some recordings but they were
>>blank. I'll try hooking the player up to an audio source and try a
>>recording of that. If it worksthen we can narrow that down. Really i'm
>>just trying to do the process of elimination. All the jacks do seem to be
>>solid though, when i put plugs into them they do seem to be tight enough,
>>but that probably doesn't mean much though. I'll be sure to let you know
>>of my progress. So far though, still nothing, even after replacing the
>>battery. now, what I did was I plugged the mic into the pre-amp, and then
>>plugged the pre-amp into the line-in of the archos. That should work, I
>>would think.
>Yep. Did you remember to twiddle the knob the archos pre-amp? Also Turn
>the gain up full on the recording screen - as i recall with my archos
>mic/recorder v1 combo, I need to crank the gain up to 30db or something
>silly (been a long time) with the mic knob on full - but at that level you
>can record pretty much anything you can hear with the mic clipped inside
>your shirt ...clip it in your cuff and gesture toward the person speaking
>and you get further improvements (once it works)
>I suppose you could try plugginn the archos mic into your PC via the
>pre-amp for another way to test the pre-amp?
>>At 10:13 PM 5/21/2005, you wrote:
>>>;) no sweat dude, just having a dig ...I know my humour can be an
>>>acquired taste, so please consider the amount of time I spend writing a
>>>reply, rather then my stereo-typically british cynicism about a situation.
>>>My question "are you 100% sure you used the LINE not DIGITAL socket"
>>>...I ask only from the experience of making that mistake myself (another
>>>20minutes of my life gone forever)
>>>The only part of your player that I have seen no evidence of testing is
>>>the security of the LINE in jack socket test this - get a 3.5 to
>>>3.5 cable (you likely have one hanging out of your computer) and hook
>>>your recorder up directly to, say, your old tape-walkman headphone
>>>socket (minidisc player, book reader, whatever ...heaphone_socket - to -
>>>Turn the volume up and, if that works, then yes, it is a pre-amp problem
>>>...if not, your socket MAY be dodgy - wiggle it whilst listening
>>>...if it comes on and off, it is a 'broken' solder joint on the socket -
>>>very trivial fix for a friend or other soldering-iron owner you know.
>>>>lol remember I'm very new to this, so give me a break ok?
>>>>I've never delt with anything like this before so i'm just learning the
>>>>basics of navigating the menus. All I know is, something doesn't work
>>>>and my goal is to get it to work. I do apreciate the help though. For
>>>>now it appears to be something wrong with the pre-amp, or the battery
>>>>inside of it so I'm gonna have to find a new one and see if I can get
>>>>it working.
>>>>At 01:17 PM 5/21/2005, you wrote:
>>>>>LOL you reckon if enough of us say it, he will take the hint? LOL
>>>>>>>Hi Glenn. You're right, my computer mic definitely doesn't work on
>>>>>>>the archos unit. However, I purchased a mic along with this unit,
>>>>>>>it's a lapelle mic that perports to be an archos mic that, according
>>>>>>>to archos, *should* work with it. I've tried it both with and
>>>>>>>without the pre-amp and nothing works.
>>>>>>You definitely need the preamp for the archos! The preamp which is
>>>>>>the small box included with the mic needs one battery and has a
>>>>>>volume control, so try a fresh battery and adjust the volume. You
>>>>>>also have a volume control for the input on your archos, perhaps you
>>>>>>need to turn this one up as well.
>>>>>>If you try recording something, you should get files on your hard
>>>>>>disk even if the mic doesn't work! So if you can't find any recorded
>>>>>>files, then you're doing something wrong which hasn't got anything to
>>>>>>do with your external setup.
>>>>>>Have you managed to record something from the internal mic? Perhaps
>>>>>>you should try this one first. Check all your settings and make sure
>>>>>>to start recording with an extra press on the play button. After
>>>>>>stopping recording, you should be able to hear the hard disk writing
>>>>>>the files, don't shut the jukebox off immediately, wait a few seconds
>>>>>>or use the shutdown feature.
>>>>>>HTH, Andreas

Received on 2005-05-22

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