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Subject: Re: Slightly OT: Channel phase

Re: Slightly OT: Channel phase

From: Christian Marg <>
Date: 2005-06-04


Pedro Vasconcelos wrote:

> Althought I cannot take resposability for the following procedure, I
> have used it and think it should be safe: Take a 1.5 AA cell and two
> connecting leads; connect the + and - of the cell to the loudspeaker
> terminals; you'll hear a small "pop" and the bass driver will move
> slightly, either forward or backward. The drivers of both speakers
> should move in the same direction when the polarities are matched.

Somewhere else I read about the same procedure, and they said that you
connected the + of the battery to the + of the speaker if the drivers
move forward (ie. out of the box).

> I think only relative phase between the two speakers matters, i.e. if
> you reverse polarity in both speakers that shouldn't mater.

For phase related problems polarity won't matter if only it is the same
on both boxes. But if the driver is mechanically designed to move
forward and you make it move backward, you'll have either bad sound or a
broken driver (at least after a while at higher volume)...


Received on Sat Jun 4 17:24:16 2005

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