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Subject: Re: Autoresume confuses me

Re: Autoresume confuses me

From: <>
Date: 2005-06-16

> Well if you pressed stop before shutting down, you weren't really
> listening to it now were you? I guess this is a case of me wanting
> "strictly correct" behaviour, while most people want the software to
> guess what they mean. I'm more annoyed by a wrong guess than by it not
> doing what I had hoped - provided it's "logical" in the eyes of the
> software. If I accidentally pressed stop, that's my fault, and I will
> not blame the software for interpreting it as stop.

As an additional data point - if we truly want Rockbox to have a superset
of the iRiver features, then autoresume should be fixed to at least offer
the option of an iRiver-like resume (which is exactly how Jonas describes
above). i.e. when player is turned on it resumes doing whatever it was
doing before it turned off.


Received on Thu Jun 16 19:49:25 2005

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