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Subject: Re: raising the bar in language support

Re: raising the bar in language support

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 02:51:13 +0100

> B) Possibly different translations depending on target player

What word might translate differently on, say, the Player and the H300?
Surely "record" is the same in every language, no matter what unit you own!?

> C) Possibly different voice strings depending on target player (and of
> course no voice at all for a string)


>I'm personally quite happy with how uplang works, as when run on an
>existing translation it properly identifies phrases that the translator
>needs to take care of. Therefore, I want to move to a format where we can
>keep this feature.
>No matter what new format we come up with, we must make a converter from
>the old format and we should maintain the existing generated source style/ABI.
>Suggestion: (format slightly inspired by apache's config file syntax)
> desc: english descripton of where or how the phrase is used
> <source>
> *: "generic phrase"
> recorder: "phrase adjusted to the recorder"
> h100: "phrase adjuted to h100"
> </source>
> <dest>
> *: "generic translation"
> player: "translation adjusted for the player"
> h300: NONE # blanked for this target
> </dest>
> <voice>
> *: "generic voice string for this string"
> ondiosp: "voice adjusted for ths ondiosp"
> </voice>

Why not just go for a full and very standard XML format.
Like windoze or not, it seems that all the 3rd party support tools for the
current voice generation systems are coded in M$ VB/C/C#/etc ... I am
assured, by an M$ dev, that all these offer a "read in this XML file"
a full xml format (not unlike the above) would help others produce tools to
support this new layout very easily.

     <device name="h300" device_id="0x01">
     <device name="player" device_id="0x02">
     <device name="recorder" device_id="0x03">
     <device name="ondio" device_id="0x04">
     <font name="mike">
       <lang isocountrycode="UK">
         <device devicename="h300,ondio" />
       <lang isocountrycode="FR,DE">
         <device devicename="player,recorder" />
     <font name="christi"> lang="uk" devices="*" />
       <lang isocountrycode="UK">
         <device devicename="*" />
     <string name="key_to_continue" id="0x0001">
       <support devicename="h300,ondio">
         <lang isocountrycode="uk">
           <text onscreen="press PLAY to continue" />
           <speech wavfiles="press&play&to&continue" />
       <support devicename="*">
         <lang isocountrycode="uk">
           <text onscreen="press f1 to continue" />
           <speech wavfiles="press&f&1&to&continue" />

Then the whole language and speech systems finally get interfaced into a
universally supported format :)

>I'm volounteering to write the scripts and stuff, I just want us to come
>up with a fine file format first.
>Of course, I don't think we should force this new concept in before the
>next release. This is meant for later.



Received on 2005-06-28

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