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Subject: Re: h120: resume vs. play

Re: h120: resume vs. play

From: Dave Wiard <>
Date: 2005-06-30

Christi Alice Scarborough wrote:
> Dave Wiard wrote:
>> Okay. I'm probably among the minority who never use playlists (I
>> vehemently despise them) so resume holds no meaning to me. I guess I'll
>> just adapt.
> You may use them more than you think. For example, when playing all the
> tracks in a directory, or all the tracks in ID3 tagged album, a dynamic
> playlist is being generated for you on the fly. Thus it is still
> possible to use resume to continue where you left off in that directory.
> Christi

Not being familiar with the internals of Rockbox, yes I do use the
dymaically created playlist when I load a directory. I knew that much.
But if I really care to pick up where I left off, I use pause. If it
shuts off I was away long enough to not care where I left off (that's
what the bookmarking is for). Unless resume is somehow used to handle
PAUSE, I simply don't use resume. And yes, I have "resume on startup"
set to no.

And I don't use the database. I've spent way too much time making my
directory layout exceptionally clean and easy to navigate.

I'll get used to a different key action than the retail firmware uses.

Received on Thu Jun 30 22:42:49 2005

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